About Me

I am Thomas Höfter from Germany. Since early 2009 I have been working as a self-employed WordPress developer and have created several different products for the WordPress blogging platform. You can find more details about my creations below.

One of the best perks of being self-employed and working on the internet is the ability to do the job from any place with a half-decent internet connection. I have made good use of that and traveled quite a lot during the past few years. On this site I share my favorite photo of each location I have visited during my trips. This is mostly meant to serve as a kind of logbook or travel diary for myself, but if you enjoyed having a look around that’s even better!

All my photos on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. That means you can re-use them for any purpose, as long as you provide proper attribution and link back to this website.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Some Of My Projects

  • CMS Commander – a WordPress management service that can help you control multiple blogs from a single location and save lots of time in the progress.
  • WP Robot – my premium WordPress autoblogging plugin helps you with creating content or can build completely automatic blogs.
  • WPscoop – on WPscoop I blog about WordPress and publish useful comparisons of premium WordPress plugins.
  • WP Inject – this free plugin helps you find and insert creative commons images into your blog posts with only three clicks!
  • Foto Potato – a small side project featuring free stock photos of vegetables, fruit and more.
  • Kylie Lam Leather – is the site I built for my girlfriend, where you can buy her beautiful handmade phone cases for iPhone 6 and other cellphone models.